Need Money?

Test God, Give

"Give and you shall receive!"

Give, and share what you receive so others may also be blessed! Both by your money, and by your testimony of giving.

100% of funds received online are given to other givers within 30 days after Treyeshua decides who gets them. Please email requests.

97% of funds received through our network of giver partners,  generally the formerly homeless, are  distributed by them in  the area where they live.

All funds are disbursed  in person, and we take  a picture  as we give, which is our proof that the funds  were disbursed.

We are thrilled to announce our first business partner, BEWETO. Owner/operator Heather Taylor makes a contribution to us with every burrito sold! BEWETO is located on University Avenue in Provo, on the right hand side just before the two I-15 entrances.

The record of gifts is kept online so all can see it. The email is and the password is Godlovesallallthetime.

Dispersable funds available as of 7/20/23: $1,084.30. The giving link is not active yet, as we have a new bank account to still set up. The new bank account is with Central Bank in Provo, Utah and was set up with the assistance of Bank President Mark Packard. 

Our first ever official recipient, Noel H. 7/20/23 in Orem, UT. Noel received a $10 McDonald's gift card.

A special project to give to! Bankrupt Disney Billboard Fund! 100% of all gifts received go to more billboards to spread that message.

On 7/29/23 we were blessed to give Trent, who lives on the streets of S. Provo, UT, a new pair of work boots so he can start working again as a day laborer. Trent is a great guy with a challenging past who is climbing the ladder of self reliance. His number is 385-314-0073 if you want to help him out with work.